From A Large Scale Temporary Structures To Wild Air Events, Our Cooling Units Will Deliver

Our Temporary
Cooling Services

FLOW has built an extensive range of cooling products, from split units, to large industrial sized air handlers. All of our fleet are designed towards the rental market, and are optimized to sustain the extreme Middle Eastern climates. All of product ranges adhere to the international ASHRAE standard, and we are constantly growing our resources, allowing us to customize our services to clients’ specification.

AHU (Air Handling Unit)

FLOW’s Air Handling Units are built to the highest possible standard by an industry leading manufacturers. Our high ambient rental units have a 200tonnes capacity, and are held by a galvanized steel frame, capable of enduring the harshest of conditions, protecting the unit and guaranteeing maximum performance. Suitable for all occasions from cooling large scale temporary structures to providing relief in outdoor applications, these AHU’s can deliver dehumidified air at over 100 meters in distance.

A/C - Split Unit

Air-conditioning (AC) units are used for a wide range of applications, from tent or wild air cooling, to dehumidification. An air conditioning unit will not only serve to cool down the environment, but will also assist with the management of humidity levels in the air. FLOW units ensure an ideal climate and environment, removing moisture and cleansing the surrounding air.

This type of air conditioning system is suitable for most temporary installations, and involves installing an exterior condensing unit and an internal air handling unit.

We have a complete range of systems; 2T, 5T, 6T and 8.5T

Package A/C Units

FLOW stocks A/C package units ranging from 5 ton to 25 ton capacity, with accessories that ensure the best delivery of airflow and cooling into the necessary structure or building. We have various methods of air delivery, which are designed to the client’s specific requirements to provide the best solution for each unique scenarios.

Suitable for most temporary installations, this system works by installing a package unit on the exterior of the structure, before delivering airflow and cooling through flexible or fixed duct systems. The main benefits of a package system are:

Easy to transport
Quick installation time frames
Flexibility of use
Easy relocation

Extraction - Fan Units

We currently offer rental units ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 CFM (cubic feet/meter) of extraction. Each unit comes event ready, with plug and play cee-form connectivity. This allows the unit to connect easily with our event distribution boards, simplifying the whole experience. FLOW also has the ability to manufacture custom equipment to the client’s specifications.