XYoga Dubai

The Brief

XYoga Dubai, a holistic two-day yoga festival, attracted more than 9,000 enthusiasts to Downtown Dubai for group sessions held along Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard. During the inaugural event, members of the public were invited to join a range of free classes, meditation sessions and holistic workshops, which ran from sunrise until 05:00 PM.

With global international personalities leading various sessions broadcast across a number of large television screens along the boulevard, FLOW was tasked with supplying full site and show power for the event. The sheer size of the site - which covered more than half of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard - presented challenges in regards to logistics, cables and distribution.

The Solution

Taking into account the vastness of the site, Flow devised a solution using a large number of small generators. In total 19 generators were delivered totaling just over 2 MVA in power. In addition to the generators, kilometers of cable was laid in various sizes along with approx 30 – 40 distribution boards and hundreds of cable ramps.

All of the above had to be delivered during night time working hours (00:01 AM – 06:00 AM) due to the densely populated area which attracts thousands of tourists every day.

The Verdict

"The XYoga Dubai Festival was a great success for our client and our agency. FLOW acted not only as a supplier but as a true partner, exceeding expectations and pushing the boundaries while making sure the power installation prior to, and during, the event was smoothly executed.

"As organisers, the event on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard presented a number of challenges due to the sensitive nature of the venue. Working with FLOW gave us piece of mind. They handled all restrictions and processes in a very professional manner."

John Jossifakis
Regional Production Director, BLINK