World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2016

The Brief

Organised by the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation, the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship is an annual event in April that attracts competitors from 60 countries across all belt levels. The event set-up includes a temporary structure erected outside Abu Dhabi’s IPIC arena that is used by sponsors and activation partners in the main event.

For this project, FLOW received a dual power and cooling brief. Firstly, the cooling brief from a temporary structure supplier involved providing a comfortable temperature for the competitors and spectators throughout the main structure and all support structures using a ducted system from the main arena.

Secondly, Flash, the event organiser, required back-up uninterrupted power solution for the AC, AV, lighting and general site power, as well as the live TV broadcast that would cover the event.

The Solution

For the main arena, FLOW designed a tailored ducted solution that required modifications of standard equipment, as well as fabrication of unique items to overcome restrictions in the ducting route through the structure. Providing the cooling was a water cooled chiller and Air Handler System that offered 400T of temporary cooling.

Our solutions across the total structures onsite were spread over 2,500 SQM and for the support structures FLOW provided split AC Units along with AC covers to offer a premium finish to the solution. A lot of cooling requires a lot of power and 2.7 MVA of power generators were provided along with a vast cable and distribution network to supply the AC, AV and general site power. One central power farm provided the bulk of the backed up power solution with an independent pair of synchronised generators being utilised for the live TV broadcast.

The Verdict

"Power to the Jiu Jitsu Championship was a vital element and the team delivered a seamless generator and distribution package throughout, putting the client’s mind at ease."

The cooling requirements for the venue presented tricky elements that FLOW needed to work around, such as the positioning of equipment."

"The team provided a professional service that exceeded the client’s requirements. This was handled superbly, providing consistent cooling throughout the tournament."

Scott Browne
Head of Operations, FLOW