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Our Story

Right from the outset, Flow was established with the vision of differentiation. From our formative months back in 2010 to present day, our goal has been consistent – to provide our clients with an innovative approach that marries creative solution and specialist application.

Whether in our initial cooling days or the power and cooling model we currently provide, Flow strives to evolve the old school model of placing temporary or semi-permanent ‘units on the ground’. We want to transform our clients’ spaces with solutions that deliver performance and optimise results without negatively impacting aesthetics.

I firmly believe our commitment to excellence in delivery, service and aftercare are the foundations for the significant organic growth we’ve experienced in our relatively short – albeit innovative – story to date. It’s no small feat to register a minimum of 25% year-on-year growth in the UAE’s ultra-competitive power and cooling market. I attribute that growth to our vision and the unwavering support of our industry partners– these factors have allowed us to set the bar higher and higher with every successful project we’ve completed.

Our success has bled into an ever-strengthening reputation and is the pillar on which we’ve been able to recruit key industry figures over the years, as evidenced by our current team of highly-experienced industry specialists.

The same success has enabled us to build on our growth and a relentless policy of aggressive investment in tangible products has empowered Flow to take on an increasingly diverse portfolio of projects and, increasingly, explore expansion into new sectors.

The addition of power solutions to our repertoire in 2012 was a watershed for Flow. In one stroke we started offering primary and secondary distribution for our clients; the expansion soon spurred investment in our own generators and, in doing so, opened up a plethora of exciting business opportunities and a massively expanded client base.

Events remain the bedrock of our income, but the size and scale of our current roster of exhibitions and events is a far cry from those early days in 2010. As testified by our successful managing of major international trade and consumer events, such as ‘ADIPEC’, ‘DP World Tour Championship’ and Solar Impulse, no job is now beyond Flow.

Indeed, as we evolve we remain committed to providing our clients with a wealth of experience, the latest equipment and innovative solutions that meet –and exceed their needs. Take design; it is an area that has always defined us within the marketplace. Even before I joined the company in 2011, Flow was renowned for making its bespoke solutions blend into their environments. We have never just wanted to look good though, we’ve always wanted to look better.

In light of this, we currently have one of the most advanced engineering department of any regional temporary cooling company. As per our DNA, we take design a step further than anybody else. We aspire to provide clients with a simulation of the final environment before it becomes reality. Through innovative, cutting-edge design technologies we can pre-empt problems and redefine solutions. Futuristic, engineering-based modelling is the next leg in our journey in both cooling and power. We look forward to taking that journey with you.